Thursday, 18 November 2010

Yes, yes, yes, NO

It's Gore-Tex - you know about Gore-Tex?
I was awoken this morn by the sound of rain thrashing my bedroom window, and the usual demands of an angry morning bladder. But it was the rain that filled me with joy - a chance to wear my ace Adidas Tokio Hi shoes. I got these a few months ago off ebay (I don't think they're in the shops any more).
They're a solid, smart piece of kit - really comfortable and, thanks to the goretex uppers, totally waterproof - with just a hint of Back to the Future. There's even a webbed bit at the top of the tongue to keep water from sneaking in at the top of the laces. So it's all good. Except. Ex-cept the soles - they slip in the wet.
This seems a monumental error in a pair of shoes whose main selling point is keeping water at bay. I've nearly gone on my arse both times I've worn these and that is not a good look for a man of my years, and girth. Hopefully the sole will wear down a bit in time, but even so, it's a fair balls up for something that had an RRP of over £100. And I have still to traverse the journey home.
The offending sole


  1. If i was a black American kid i would describe your Hi shoes as fly or maybe dope.
    Tell me do you wear your trousers tucked into your Hi shoes or wear your trousers over your Hi shoes?I like to know these things.

  2. The Milky Bar Kid19 November 2010 at 14:52

    In the first picture, the close up, they look quite nice.

    Then we see the 3rd and 4th pictures and it seems you have bought snowboard boots just without the snowboard to go with them.

  3. the snowboard's parked out of shot. *adjusts big mad oakleys*

  4. Good God, what shit!

  5. lovely stuff from the boy anonymous there!