Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hats off to... Jim Broadbent

Jim Broadbent
Has this fella ever given a duff performance? I read something ages ago about James Bolam, how his performance is so thorough he even acts out the commas. I'm no expert on acting but Broadbent seems like that sort of bloke - he's just incredibly watchable.
Whether it's stealing the show in comedy (as bent copper Roy Slater in Only Fools and Horses or the Queen of Spain's translator Don Speekingleesh in Blackadder), or his Oscar-winning turn in Iris, he's always brilliant.
If a trailer comes on telly for something and it's got Broadbent in, I'll usually watch or tape it on my skywitchcraft box. And kicking off next Sunday Broadbent stars alongside some right crackers - Matthew Macfadyen, Kim Cattrall, Gillian Anderson,Tom Hollander, to name a few - in an adaption of some book or other that I've never heard of. I'm going to watch it because Broadbent's in it. Because he's ace. Because he makes it look effortless - something only those who really put the graft in can do (Warren Clarke is another) . And then of course, there's this.
Any Human Heart starts on Channel 4 on Sunday 21 November.

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  1. his mum and dad were Conscientious Objectors who set up some sort of farming commune as well. altogether a thoroughly decent chap. can i add tom wilkinson to your list of actors who make it all look efortless. i've even sat through the full monty more than once just to watch him. he's brilliant.

  2. wilkinson is brilliant. i nearly went to see that burke and hair because he's in it. but couldnt bring myself to pay to watch that tripe. shame on you, john landis!