Friday, 26 November 2010

Hats off to.... Stacey Solomon

Stacey prepares to wrestle a croc
Or Stacey off I'm a Celebrity, as she is known. My God- what a woman! I don't watch the X-Factors so I'd never heard of her, and initially I found her cheeriness a bit grating. But by about two minutes into the second episode I was completely besotted (not literally, Mrs Biff!). She's an absolute nap to win this, unless one of the others rescues a baby from a burning car.
It's not just her outlook - her absolute refusal to see the bad, or buckle, in any situation - she's spot on about everything. Dom Jolly, who I've also warmed to, nailed it when he said all Stacey's instincts are dead on.
When she gently pointed out to that BASTARD Gillian McKeith that, given that she hated the trials and had a phobia about everything, maybe she should quit, she chose her words carefully, and spoke with genuine care. Especially so given what most people would say to the saggy-chopped old harridan, given the chance.
For McKeith to then - no, don't lose it here... deep breath, it's just a telly programme - MAKE STACEY CRY, well, surely the whole nation wanted to race to her aid, pausing only to boot McKeith up the vulva.
In yesterday's trial she basically walked Aggro (!) through the whole thing. His backside looked like it had gone, and given the height they were working at who could blame him? But Stacey was there, guiding him along every step - and she must have been bricking it herself. But she held the pair of them together - there's something about her manner that is totally disarming.
This is what Stacey said before she went in to the jungle: “I'm the type of person to squeal and I do think I will be voted for every trial. I'm scared of bugs too. Urgh! And I am claustrophobic. I do think people are going to laugh at me.” No one's laughing at her.
The Daily Mail and their ilk will probably hate the fact it's a single mother strapping it on and taking care of business, so to speak. When really they - and I'd go so far as to say the whole country - should be marvelling at this woman.
She's caring, brave, kind, compassionate, tidy looking, and smart. This is the kind of person Britain can still produce. I'm just glad there's more time to enjoy the programme as she marches on to what looks an inevitable victory (Shaun Ryder notwithstanding - her only rival).

Jim Broadbent

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  1. Joe - the one who hates mushrooms26 November 2010 at 08:30

    she's a breath of fresh air. she just gets on with it and she's far more clever and spot on than she thinks she is, but she's not afraid to speak her mind. and she's funny. she's not said one thing that has made me think "divvy" which is unusual for me like. GO STACEY! although Shaun to win obviously.