Monday, 1 November 2010

What has happened to Becky off Corrie?

'There's sommat up wi' me eggs'
She used to be a laugh, even if the wide girl image was a bit dull. Now all she does is pull that horrible sulky face and wail about her barren ovaries and how she can't get a kid off the adoption shop. I don't think she's smiled this year.
This current storyline - where she's buying her sister Kylie's kid Max - is just horrendous. (Kylie, of course, is off to Cyprus with some lad she met on holiday there last week.)
Becky - well, Steve - handed over £10k for the lad up front with the promise the kid would be swapped for another £10k later. The plan being they bring the lad up and nobody ever finds out about the money. It's an awful storyline and puts Becky even further away from the character she was when she started out - plus she's sucking the life out of Steve.
Then there's Kev and Molly/Chucky and the baby paternity puzzle (what a choice, Kev or Tyrone), and John Snape (kidnapper, identity thief, body burier) getting stalked by that tweeny-looking woman who helped him dispose of the body of the fella whose identity John had adopted after he moved to Canada. With all that Corrie really should add up to a lot more than it does at the moment, but it's just boring, because it's lost sight of what made it brilliant - being funny. Coronation Street used to be, by a mile, the most consistently funny programme on telly. Now it's trying to out-EastEnders EastEnders. And no one needs that.

Five great Corrie double acts
Reg Holdsworth and Curly Watts
Derek Wilton and Norris Cole
Jack and Vera
Bet and Alec
Blanche and anyone


  1. other corrie double acts..

    Rita and Mavis
    Steve and Karen
    Stan and Hilda
    Les and Cilla
    Dev and the mirror

  2. aye, could chuck eddie in with stan and hilda. Rita and Norris are pretty good too. But Karen - I yearn for thee!