Friday, 5 November 2010

Corrie no mates

Mad Molly off Corrie
Does everyone go to every function on Corrie? Last night was the same again - the entire cast at the christening of Chucky and Tyrone's baby, including Fiz and Mr-square-fringe John Stape, who I don't remember ever talking to the proud parents of little Jack. Doesn't anyone know anyone of their own age?
At the do - in the Rovers of course - it turns out Clur's binned Ashley cos he told her he had angina when he just had indegestion. Now she's taking the kids to live in France - what, all of it? - and he wants them back! She's mental - or has he forgotten - and now she wants to go and live in a field and eat cheese! Fingers crossed they all get blown up. Possibly as part of a future storyline.

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