Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cricket innit

Is that it?
Oh, The Ashes! A month of hearing the woman in here double her sport bullshit quota - 'we' will know mean, England (in all sports) and Chelsea (her husband's team). She's never been to any live sporting event.
It doesn't do it for me, cricket. Stopping for drinks is good but stopping for rain is puffy. Although I do quite like the slacks.
For football (ie normal) people cricket is a strange world of trudge, with five days of playing catch before the match is declared a draw and time for sandwiches.
There's even a difference in the way cricket players speak, like rugby (union) types. They talk about 'the guys' in a way you'd never hear footballers doing - even now, with the homogenisation of the game at the top level virtually complete.
Although I can imagine Jermaine 'you know' Jenas letting it slip before hurriedly moving on when he catches Harry Redknapp's eye. His popped casey face growling stage left like a disapproving flan.
Australian captain Ricky Ponting is an odd one. When he's wearing that baggy green cap he cuts a sort of Just William figure. He looks like he should have a catapult in his back pocket and be moaning about the contents of his 10p mix ('sherbet daaaaaaab?!!').
Play up, Britcrick!

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