Friday, 19 November 2010

This week's 'so effing what' list

Let the nation rejoice
Kate thingy's blue dress
Kate thingy does/doesn't doesn't have a job
England getting snotted by France
Jason Manford 'twanking'
Fifa World Cup bollocks (yes, two Henry links, but he takes it all so seriously)


  1. "twanking" *doffs cap*

    The things i could do with Kate are bordering on the illegal. I,ve never done a real posh chick before either. I shagged a chick from Oxford Uni once that;s about as nearer as i have got to one.

  2. She made a noise similar to a stuck pig when she was being fucked. Which is quite the turn-on let me add.

  3. no mine, 'twanking' is from @fleetstreetfox on the twitters