Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Everton trundling towards... what?

Hi, I'm Mikel Arteta!
What the crud is wrong with David Moyes? Admittedly a few cold drinks had been enjoyed but I couldn't see why it took so long to hook Louis Saha and the inflato-head-Plug-from-the-Beano Johnny Heitinga. And Cash money Mikel Arteta for that matter, who looks slower and weaker with every game.
Everton started well with Tim Cahill - what the fart are we going to do when he pisses off with Australia for six weeks? - heading in a Leighton Baines cross. Those two, along with Seamus Coleman were probably the only two to really cut it last night - Christ knows why Moyes took Coleman off. But they just seemed to fall further back until Sunderland equalised. After that it could have gone either way but was it really a surprise when Sunderland went ahead? And don't their supporters get excited about the slightest thing? As soon as the ball went in our half they were shrieking like those tracksuited women who camp outside paedo trials (that's court cases, not try-outs for would be nonces).
There's something wrong with Everton this season and it's not the slow start thing, not after 14 games. They look slow generally, like they're playing too soon after having their dinner. Even at Brentford, after a good start, we fell away horribly. The derby performance was excellent and more like the fast pace we're used to, but that was against arguably the worst team Everton have played this season.
We're level on points with West Brom - up next at Goodison - and then it's Chelsea away, and you know what will happen there. Fifty quid in and BEND OVER. This season is in danger of disappearing into nothingness before it's really got started. And it isn't a 'sign of how far we've come' that a top-10 finish (ie 10th) is a disappointment. It's shite. Of course a couple of wins and we're laughing but yet more draws, or defeats, puts an awful lot of pressure on for a good FA Cup run.

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