Monday, 1 November 2010

Some ace things about Danny Baker, who's currently poorly

The master
No one ever says 'oh, he's alright,' about him
He apparently paid for his house in cash
Baker and Kelly upfront (and all versions thereof, including book and Times columns)
Morning edition
He brings his own records in
He brings his own sound effects in
When he's off no one can really do the show justice
Referring to - say - a chicken pie as 'a fine CP'
Kicking off with that British Rail bloke
Urging supporters to give that ref down the banks after a Chelsea cup tie
'Let the children have their music'
On toilets at football grounds - 'can't you hold it in?'
'Get me my old producer'
Getting Dan Castellanetta on the old Radio 1 show and no sod calling in!
When he had Nick Mason on BBC London, getting every caller to say 'thanks, man'
Match of the 80s
The original 6-0-6 - hang your heads in shame, Mellor, Littlejohn, 'Spoony', Green et al
Before the Iran USA World Cup 98 game (which he was attending) saying he was going to sit 'with the maddest of their mullahs wearing a huge stars and stripes hat' just to see what happened
His radio shows are miles better than anything you can get on telly, including in football terms, actual matches
My mrs (who's from not far from him) can't understand a word he says

Effing genius

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