Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A big list of ace

Apparently some pics on here were infringing copyright, so we should be safe with this pic of a kids' ride that looks a bit like David Cameron
Because, contrary to some reports, everything is not shite. These things are all ace:

Roast potatoes
Corn flakes with ice cold milk out of a glass bottle
Last-minute goals
Wanking 'on a full tank'
Penalty shoot-outs
Martin Kelner's Guardian column
Cold bottles of beer from your own fridge
Eric Cantona
Match of the Day on Skywitchcraft when you fast-forward the blather
Public Enemy
The initial euphoria of sweet, sweet recreational drugs
Indian head massages
Girls in their Summer Clothes by Bruce Springsteen
Popscene by Blur
Kicker Conspiracy by t'Fall
Internet filth
The internet
Bryan Robson
Stewart Lee
Jerry Sadowitz
Simon Munnery
David Peace
The Smiths
Veggie foo-yung, half and half, with curry sauce on top
George Costanza
Porridge (the food)
Porridge (the programme)
The Simpsons (before it went shit)
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Star Wars (first three)
Original Star Wars cards
Original Star Wars toys
Diego Armando Maradona
Original Superman cards
3G astroturf
Elland Road
adidas Ivan Lendl shirts
The IT Crowd
Back to the Future
Getting to the pub a bit early so you can read the paper
Freezing cold sunny days
FC United of Manchester
AFC Wimbledon
Fillet steak (rare)
The French Connection (I and II)
Beer on the balcony before going out for the night on holiday
Pink Floyd
Danny Baker
Bending your knees a bit when you have a wee when you're bursting
Goodison Park under lights
Red wine
Aways at West Ham and Spurs
The Good Rat by Jimmy Breslin
The Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (not the shitty flats)
New trainers
CP Company Metropolis coats
Fancy bread with real butter
Big coats
Seabrook crisps
iPods and MP3 players in general
Yorkshire Tea
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Jack magazine (RIP)
Tom Sharpe
The Fatima Mansions
Douglas Adams
The iPhone (it's ace, and you should have got one, accept it)
Uniqlo jeans
The Young Ones
The Sopranos
Socks from Gap
Getting free stuff
Reeves and Mortimer
Flat white coffee
David Lacey
Freezing Coca-Cola when you've got a hangover
Funeral dos
A curry from your favourite gaff
Taking a chance on a new gaff (any food denomination) and it being great
The view from Hilly Fields
The Larry Sanders Show
Doing 'thingy'
sabotage times
Those breakfasts in a tin
That thing that makes you go back when you've been hurt (football, love, whatever)
A really massive chicken sarnie on event bread with salad, black pepper and mayonnaise
Alan Partridge
Undies hot off the radiator
Two pairs of socks at the match in winter
The smell of pubs as you walk past at Chrimbo
Chips out of the bag, with champagne (ooh, hoity-toity!)
Buying a new shirt
Thomas Hearns
Reading the paper on the bog
Peter Reid
BBQ Beef Hula Hoops
Knee-high boots (and no higher) on women
Chocolate Fingers
Metal Box by Public Image Ltd
The sheer enormity of it when you first go the match as a kid
South Park
One Summer
The new Wembley Stadium
The Clash
Inspiral Carpets
Five Families by Selwyn Raab
Auf Wiedersehen Pet (first two series)
Ian Brown
The Specials
The 1982 and 1986 World Cups

People who swear on phone-ins

And that's off the top of my head. This is my truth, tell me yours...


  1. Everyday I think of John Terry falling on his arse and missing that penalty. And the really great thing is, so does he!!

  2. his dad got filled in at spurs apparently! OOF!

  3. @revolversk4

    Crystal mornings
    “Don’t step on the cracks”, b-side to seven minutes to midnight
    Pat Nevin
    The entire output of David Bowie, 1971-1984.
    Manchester Christmas markets
    Perced coffee, whoa, easy on the milk!
    Stewart Lee’s book
    My first view of the pitch at Goodison Park, possibly the greenest green ever.
    Early Simple Minds
    The Royal Exchange
    Eating bread you just made. Hot. With butter.
    Morecambe and Wise singing “Positive thinking….”
    Pulling (it was pulled)
    Korean revenge films
    Danny Baker, (don’t fight it Dan, Feel it)
    The Trip
    Lucozade with cellophane on (IT’S FOR SICK PEOPLE)
    X-Ray spex
    The Jam at Deeside
    A girl with a Derry accent
    Corned beef
    The Guardian Guide
    DAB radio
    John Murray on fivolivo (HE DOES TELLY NOW TOO)
    Lord Sir Jimmy Armfield Of Bloomfield. DSO, VC.
    Duncan Ferguson
    The smell inside a film canister
    Top Cat
    “I know you well” by Shack
    Gammon at the carvery, the sophisticates choice.
    Johnny Cash at San Quentin
    The London Eye
    That fellas “Lipewl 1975” Flickr stream
    The Sundays
    The “black” edition of WSAG
    Gwithian Towans, Hayle, cornworl.
    The prom at Egremont
    Red Leicester
    “How not to live your life”, with the (wooden but stunning) brunette.

    Double bills on the pictures
    That Evtun goal v sunderland in 3D on the sky ad
    Peter O’Toole
    “I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue”,hilarious since the seventies. The seventies.
    TMWRNJ on a Sunday morning
    The bunnymen on the tube
    Talking on the phone on the shanghai underground.
    Mowing the lawn and getting the inclination to mark it out after.
    Proper cheesecake from one of them Italian places in soho
    Limbs AOTS

  4. My Girlfriends fingernails down my back
    Witnessing comedians "die" in front of an audience
    Pickled Onion flavoured Monster Munch.
    The word "dongle"
    Father Ted
    Robbie Fowlers goal against Villa (1996)
    John Barnes
    Adidas Trainers
    Batfink (old school cartoon)
    My moms Sunday Dinners
    Carling Export Lager
    Captain Morgan Rum
    The odd toot on my bong
    Colorful socks
    Tweeting inane bollox
    Reading inane bollox on Twitter
    Queens of the Stone Age
    My girlfriends voice (she;s Greek)
    Moe, Skinner, Flanders and Homer from the Simpsons
    Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisp sandwiches (no butter)

  5. strong words, aj. strong, baffling words...

  6. hats
    scarves - not the sort you wear indoors. idiots.
    leather gloves
    the first stirrings of spring
    the shipping forecast
    being the only person in an art gallery and pretending you are brian sewell
    a jacket potato with crispy jacket
    pigmy marmosets
    cary grant
    bernard cribbins
    trevor steven
    a slight lisp on a man
    men who wear glasses
    the rat - the walkmen
    the beastie boys poster i got with my vinyl copy of licensed to ill
    leaves on the ground
    the northern lights
    the west coast of scotland
    denton, texas
    radio 4
    jon stewart
    bruce springsteen
    billy mackenzie
    chips, rice and gravy
    winter hill
    walking up the steps at goodison to the pitch
    arrested development
    sesame street - not big bird though, he's shit
    morecambe and wise
    foggy weather
    clap your hands - mr vegas
    the redskins
    terry hall
    damon albarn
    the sunday times style magazine
    shouting at the panel on question time
    white socks in an everton kit
    mens fashion - much better than wimmins
    the snake - al wilson
    Night of the Hunter
    Star Wars - not the new shite
    V for Vendetta
    cashew nuts
    pistachio ice-cream
    bakewell tart
    a really cold pillow

  7. saturday morning
    sean rydoh
    big coats
    mince pies
    ginger nut biscuits
    harry hill's internet show
    derrick may
    anders limpar
    the peveril of the peak
    jim noir
    thursday evening
    frosty clear days
    disco music
    ice cold peroni out the fridge
    draught peroni in t'alehouse
    johan cruyff
    cheese on toast

  8. These things matter:

    Fried mushrooms
    A neat row of books
    Warm radiators
    A massive thick duvet
    Mustard liberally draped over gammon
    Precise through-balls with the outside of the foot
    Popping the foil on a fresh jar of coffee
    Last minute nerd winners, preferably against you know who
    Double Deckers
    Bus drivers who are liberal with traffic light maneuvers when you're late for work
    Dave Eggers
    Writing the word 'always'
    Brick Tamland
    Ascending guitar riffs
    Leighton Baines not looking like a footballer
    Sam Rockwell
    The moon
    People mooning
    Tim Moore
    The realisation that you don't have to get up when you forget to turn your alarm off
    Yakubu's dopey smile
    Kids playing in snow
    Herby cheese
    Whisky, straight
    David Shrigley
    Michael Palin
    Andrei Kanchelskis
    Lamb Karahi
    Bill Bryson
    Emma Pollock's voice
    Bunk Moreland
    The little laugh you get with someone in the street when you don't know whether to go left or right
    Holland, 1945 (the song, not the general situation. Although the liberation would have been good)
    Ship and Mitre
    Lights dimming at a gig
    Saving a shot at full stretch playing 5 a side
    The old Scottish chap in front of me at the match
    Sound and Vision
    Dr Lucien Sanchez
    Vito in the Sopranos
    Old men smiling when they see their grandkids
    German trains

  9. lizforster9 - My list of ace!

    Tim Cahill
    Duncan Ferguson
    Night games at Goodison
    Last min winners
    Misty nights
    Christmas Eve
    Steak and chips
    Ice cold shandy on summers day
    Karl Pilkington
    First drink on holiday
    Getting into a freshly made bed
    My mum's scouse
    Away games
    The demise of LFC (for now, we all know satan will rise again!)
    Your fave song coming on in a club/pub and everyone dancing
    Singing your head off to the radio/ipod in the car on long journeys
    Bird is the word

  10. Thank you biff! :)I appreciate it.

  11. Crunchy peanut butter on toast accompanied by a nice cup of tea.
    The moment you realise you don't actually have to be in work after the post waking up nano-second thought that you've overslept (again).
    Chocolate cheesecake.
    All day sessions.
    Recreational drugs.
    All day nerd footy sessions with 3 other mates.
    The Wire.
    Bullet in the Head by Rage Against the Machine.
    Physics, astronomy and shit about atoms, nano bots, genes, cyborgs, space elevators, living forever and all the other cool sci-fi shizzle that's just around the corner.
    New York.
    German tanks of WW2.
    Family Guy.
    Peter Sellers.
    Laurel and Hardy.
    Bill Hicks.
    A full english breakfast (no tomato).
    Any meat products cooked on a BBQ.
    An extra tasty roast chicken from Morrison's.
    Boxing Day sandwichs made in the Scooby-snack stylee.

  12. Bacon
    Having a pooh
    People arguing on their mobiles - my life! Is better than yours!
    Fat people's trollies in supermarkets
    Condensing your opinion into 140 characters
    Arteta's first goal against li'pewl
    Blanche - if we can't trust the doctors
    Girls in any sort of boot
    Or hat
    The new series of V
    Animals eating
    Louise who I work with
    Yes, you well would
    Getting home
    A hot shower in the morning
    New socks
    Catching a girl's any. Any girl. I'm not fussy
    People falling over in the street
    Free stuff