Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bale must go!

A rare talent
Oh you’ve done it now Tottenham. You can’t have Gareth Bale playing too well because you’ll never keep hold of him. He’ll have to leave for one of the fabled ‘big four’ for the good of his career. Still at least he’s not English so it won’t be ‘for the good of England‘.
I’ve no great love for Tottenham, I’m just a handsome Evertonian, and I find Spurs‘ supporters‘ posturing a bit comical. As one must for a team who‘ve not won the league for 50 years. But I saw this with Wayne Rooney - the idea that only a select few clubs should be allowed to have brilliant players. With every minute Rooney played for England he played himself away from us.
But it should be different for Spurs and Bale, not least because he’s currently playing in the Champions League. So the usual ‘Champions League football’ nonsense need not apply. Of course Spurs might not make it back into next year’s tournament, but they might. They certainly look a good team, better than Manchester City (although I think they‘ll make it) - it‘s Arsenal I reckon could slip, with Arsene Wenger turning himself inside out as the pressure sucks the life out of him. His face looks like it’s slowly deflating, like today’s balloon from yesterday’s party.
The football press in this country will bang on about how hard it will be for Spurs to keep Bale from the clutches of the usual English clubs and the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona, but you only have to look at the recent Rooney contract story to see how close they really are to what’s happening. They ‘broke’ the story two months after Rooney had told United he wanted to leave.
There’ll be plenty of ‘I hear this…’ shite on Sky Sports News but in reality how much of what they proclaim comes true? Fuck all. Yes YOU Alan ‘sources’ Nixon.
As the man said, ‘Don’t believe it all. Find out for yourself. Check before you spread.’

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