Thursday, 25 November 2010

Diary of a squad player, 2

Dance, dance, dance
Wednesday, 24 November
Infernos was ace last night, although someone spilt Drambuie down me G-Star top so that was annoying. Dabbsy went home with his sort of groupie (some bird who always seems to pop up when we're out). Ribbsy and me left early to get in a few hours on Call of Duty: Black Ops. I got shot to fuck by some Yanks. Ribbsy fell asleep with chips in his hair, the dirty tramp. Me mum came round to clean up though - result!
Watched Cash in the Attic and Homes Under the Hammer on Sky+. I wonder how old Lucy Alexander is? I don't think I could have a wank about someone who's older than me mum. She looks like she'd be proper filth - not me mum, although Stevo says he would - but also really nice the next day. Fluffy towels and a good brekky - none of that 'JUST GET OUT!' and sobbing while I'm looking for me undies.
Watched I'm a Celebrity... Voted for McKeith twice - what a wanker. Me dad said he wouldn't use her to wipe up sick, which I think is a bit strong, but I know what he means.
A face like that you'd think she'd try and be nice but she won't even make the effort. Like when Dubbsy wouldn't play along when I was telling this bird who works behind the bar at Rumours I was getting a move to Liverpool. I know she was impressed because I saw her mouth the word 'nodder' to her mate.

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