Friday, 26 November 2010

Diary of a squad player, 3

Thursday, 25 November:
Probably not in the team for Saturday because I was in the 'others' for the full practice match. Ellsy was up against me so he might be in with a shout. I went in a little bit hard on him - he even dives in training! The absolute fanny - and the boss had a word. No ressies game this week either.
Someone put cat food in me Nike Air Max while I was in the shower. I spotted it in time so didn't step in it but that's just not funny. I'm all for having a laugh but leave the shoes out of it - there has to be limits. Like the time we put Johnno's socks in the toilet - that was funny because it's socks so no harm done. And if you spend £40 on a pair of socks you deserve all you get. You don't need to be spending more than a tenner on a pair of socks. The word 'socks' has lost all meaning.
In the afternoon a couple of us had to go to a school with the community scheme lads. It was alright, we did a kickabout with a few of the kids and then answered some questions. That was horrible - we're stood there at the front and there's about 20 kids all sat on the floor in a semi-circle with their arms up in the air.
All they ever want to know is how much we earn and who our favourite player is. Ribbsy said fifty quid a week and me. He's a dickhead sometimes. None of these kids seemed to have any teeth and one lad just kept looking at me, right the way through. Even when we were out the gate I could see him looking out the window at me.
Still getting nowhere on COD Black Ops.

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  1. Keep ,em coming biff old son. You may get a wider audience for it one day...