Monday, 22 November 2010

City - what's the problem?

New money - urgh
I only had half an eye on last night's match and Fulham are pretty accommodating opponents but there didn't look a lot wrong with Manchester City as they shrugged the Cottagers aside 4-1. The amount of shite they get in the papers, on the radio, the internet and, well everywhere really, just seems out of proportion. I can't actually see what they're doing wrong - and I detest new football. They're doing it at a faster rate and from further behind than Chelsea were, but what's the difference? Chelsea got stick when Roman Abramovich started lashing it about, but it never seemed this gleeful and vicious.
From what little I've seen of them this season City play some decent stuff, and the fact is they're fourth in the league, three points behind Chelsea, who they beat recently. So it's not all bad.
The game at the top level is truly fucked when that bastion of corporate cock-sucking Manchester United PL Fucking C is seen as the good guy, valiantly battling against the odds to take on the ghastliness of their cross-City neighbours. Witness the reporting of the recent Manchester derby.
As well as United's new image as the Tiny Tim of Europe, a weird sidebar to City's emergence is the re-branding of Chelsea, who seem to represent proper 'old money' now. Chelsea with their horrible nobhead supporters can win all they like but they're a div two team to me, always will be. Micky fucking Droy and that lot (did he play for them in div two? Either way they were shite.)
I'm not saying I like City, I don't, although I don't mind them, but I think the anger they generate shows the inherently conservative nature of some football supporters. Secretly they liked the 'top four' Champions League cabal with the same four clubs draining the life out of the division, leaving a succession of 'dead rubbers' for the teams above 14th once it gets to March.
Isn't it good that there's a club shaking things up a bit - that actually has the others looking over their shoulders? That can stand there, shooting round after round in to the still-twitching corpse of Liverpool, just for the hell of it? We don't have to like the idea of players getting £200k a week, but that horse has long bolted, so what's the point of whining about it? They're all shitheads and that's it. Witness the half-arsed booing/cheering of Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford on Saturday. It will be great to see United supporters crawling to a player who basically wanted to leave them, for City. For that alone City and their blunderbuss spending should be applauded.

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  1. Chelsea were at least good before the dirty money came along. But I think thats just nitpicking. People are vitriolic because they want it to be them and their club. And because we hate the idea of winners. And because people are knobheads. Like you say, when it comes around again, City will be regarded as established top four (five?), and whoever it happens to next will be viewed as the club that secretly shit in your breakfast cereal while you're not looking. Fucking public...