Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It could happen to you

Pulling tree 2000
Being attractive is the most important thing there is - so said popular young people's musical turn 'the Nada Surf'.
I wouldn't say I'm losing my looks, it's more, to paraphrase Spinal Tap manager Ian Faith, my appeal is more selective.
Until about five years ago I used to look significantly younger than my years. People would recoil, gasping, when they learned my age. 'How can this be?' they'd splutter while steadying themselves. Those days are gone now - if my age comes up it is greeted with barely a nod and a return to whatever the discussion at hand is.
As you can see in the comparison of official pulling trees from this year and in 2000 I've tumbled through the ranks. So beware, fellow lookers, and romp freely while the sun shines. Lest you end up nestled 'twixt Kamara and I.

Pulling tree 2010

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