Thursday, 9 December 2010

Diary of a squad player, part 7

Wounded in action
Monday, 6 December
Late for training so stayed on a bit to practice free kicks. Bit pointless really as the boss wasn't looking so I won't get credit for it.
Went town in the afternoon and bought some ace new trainers. Had fish fingers, chips and beans for tea, then a quick wank before bed. Only a quick one - mood wasn't right for 'the special'.

Tuesday, 7 December
Went out with Ribbsy and his bird so I could run the rule over her mate, who had been brought along for my approval.
Met in town at some gaff for dinner - she was alright but loud. Not just talking, her breathing, her shoes when she walked to the bog, everything.
Really weird laugh too, like at the beginning of that Wipeout song. Didn't matter how funny something was, that was her reaction. And she found everything funny - it was exhausting just sitting next to her. I think she's mental. Poked her but she threw up over the side of the bed when I give her the old 'twist'. Had to mop it up with a t-shirt and washing-up liquid. Sent her to clean her teeth before we finished off.

Wednesday, 8 December
Bought that X-Box kinnect thing. It's good but if anyone's watching you must look like a right nob waggling a pretend steering wheel at the telly.
Day off tomorrow so watched snidey Arsenal in the pub with Mucker, Davo and Rog. Davo's obsessed with sambuca - he had us on it all night. The barman lines them up and sets fire to them - Rog only burns his fringe! He looks like that bloke out of Slade.
Mucker almost lost it when he spilt some down his new Evisu jeans. Gutted for him, horrible when a pair of pulling kecks takes a bullet like that. So now he's looking for some new ones - Davo suggested Uniqlo. I thought there was going to be a fight! No need for that sort of talk, not when a man is hurting.

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