Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Last night's nerd togger - rEVERlation! (Massive nerd content)

I've cracked it - after ceaseless toiling when Mrs Biff has been at work I've finally sussed the best of way of playing Fifa 11 X-Box as Everton.
But it took a few smashings to get there, including one where I went nerd Ev and this lad, could be a girl as Mrs Biff is always keen to point out, went nerd Liverpool.
Started off pretty even and a close first half was shaded by me as we went in at half time one up. At which point it dawned on me, I'd never heard of any of this lad's team - he was playing his reserves! And he STILL equalised straight after half time, then brought Torres and Gerrard on as if to mock me further.
He eventually went 3-1 up at which point I pulled the plug, which brought an inbound message of 'don't you just love it?!' which I countered with 'have you told your mum?' So one each on the messages.
Anyway, to The Truth. The default set up for Everton is a sort of 4-5-1 with Cahill behind a striker but I have tweaked it thus: Howard in goal, back four from the right, Neville, Jerjelka, Heitinga, Baines. Midfield pair of Fellaini and Cahill, Pienaar the treacherous dog on the left, Arteta on the right, with Yakubu just behind Saha. The switch here is Cahill playing deep and Yakubu playing not quite up front - both these two are murder to get off the ball, which helps in those positions.
The trick is you have to take your time getting forward as it takes Cahill and Arteta a-g-e-s to get up there. But the extra man in the middle makes it difficult for other teams to get through, while there's usually a pass on in the middle from attack or defence, which thus far has led to me getting fouled a lot. This line up also works if you play the Manchester City default formation as well (4-2-3-1).
I beat Bayern, Manchester United and Seville playing like this - all comfortable wins after fairly slow nerd Ev starts. Unfortunately some teams just have better players, like nerd Arsenal, who I was BATTERING 2-1. Then they got one back after half time before I continued playing the ball round them.
Then the lad twigged the long ball and just kept smashing it up and relying on Van Persie being stronger than that SHITHOUSE Heitinga. Howard saved his shot but the ball hit Baines and went in - 2-2. More Everton pressure before another long ball so Heitinga fall over and Fabgregas bundle one in off his snidey little rat-face. Then the game crashed.


  1. as the young people say, swear down man. been happening a bit lately. normally i dont pull the plug as that means certain defeat - i can wait - but i had to go and play real togger. i was awful

  2. I have been trying your formation and can I say I like your ideas. Do you have a newsletter that I could subscribe to?