Thursday, 23 December 2010

Last night's nerd togger - chums

I've started on the 'career' mode of Fifa 11 so havent' been online nerding as much, although as you can see from my correspondence, I've made some firm friends.
On the manager mode I can't sign any players or score any goal. I've started as Southend United which doesn't help, but man it's difficult.
Anyway last night I decided to have one dabble as nerd Everton against nerd Liverpool. And as wins go this was about as straightforward as it gets.
But don't be fooled by the impressive tackle count (20/3 in Ev favour) into thinking this was some 'dogs of war' battle. This was nerding at its liquid best.
Nerd Liverpool, like their real (but still nerdy) counterparts, really only have two players (Gerrard and Torres), and Gerrard's not that good.
Heitinga and Jerjelka were impressive at the back, never allowing Torres a sniff, while just in front Fellaini loped about, greedily snaffling then liberally sprinkling possession.
The Blues went ahead after Fellaini found Yakubu - playing just behind Saha - who slipped Cahill in down the left. He nipped ahead of Carragher to square for Pienaar who smashed home.
Nerd Liverpool just couldn't get a touch and my opponent tried booting his way to a draw. There's something grimly satisfying in seeing a tiny Steven Gerrard flailing on the ground after a pixelated Leighton Baines knocks the ball past him before collecting with ease. The spoiling didn't work and 10 minutes into the second half Saha skipped away down the left before crossing deep into the box.
Cahill, immense throughout in a deeper role than usual, powered into the box before cutting in front of the defender to head home from close range. Kop end too.

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