Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Alan Nixon says so

Nixon and Presley - sit on it!
For no other reason than this fat fuck gets on my wick with his clearly made up transfer bollocks I'm going to start charting all of mega sports hack Alan 'sources' Nixon's 'scoops' and see how they stand up to actual events.
There's loads of shite you can find on the internet that this bell's supposedly had 'the nod' about off one of his agent chums, but I can't be arsed going back so I'll start things off with last weekend's efforts. 
I'll update at the end of each week then at the end of each month we'll see how many the fat get has got right. 
This is only stuff with his byline on, so doesn't include any shite he may contribute un-named to the Mirror's bollocks Football Spy, or similar shite in other papers. Or stuff other papers rehash - ie today the Mail repeat the Leighton Baines one below. This is purely about Nixon name-on bullshit. I wonder if he still wears that meffy leather jacket? Anyway, if I've missed any let us know on the comments please.

From the Mirror: Blackpool's Charlie Adam to Blackburn Rovers for £3 million. Bolton to sign Swansea’s Darren Pratley (free in the summer). Diego Maradona to be next Blackburn Rovers manager (he quotes an 'insider'. Again.). Sam Allardyce to 'the Middle East' - telly and managing.
Alan Shearer to manage Blackburn (joint byline with David Anderson) 'only if he gets assurances from Venky's' - sounds like a malt shop off Happy Days. 

From the People: Everton's Leighton Baines to Bayern Munich for £10 million. Martin Jol or Chris Hughton to West Ham (joint byline with Alan Oliver), if Hughton gets it, Joey Barton and goalkeeping coach Paul Barron to West Ham.

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