Monday, 24 January 2011

Olympic stadium 'to kill Tottenham'

Revellers on Tottenham Boulevard
Tottenham will be wiped from the map if Spurs get the nod to move into the Olympic stadium in Stratford, an insider warns today. 
If Spurs become preferred bidders, with a decision expected on Friday, Tottenham will be gone. Like Atlantis.
A club source said: 'The N17 postcode will mainly be used as a stroller park for the three-wheeler baby buggies of nearby Stoke Newington. 
You get a better class of idiot in 'Stokey' and the space will help accommodate the overspill of vegan wrap joints, Indonesian coffee treehouses, and "lesbians".'
A Haringey council spokesman said: 'Obviously this is a controversial move but in terms of regeneration it's a god-send - a blank canvas. We can finally put some much-needed Tesco stores in and a few of those coffee chains everyone else has. Tottenham's had its chance but things haven't worked out. And frankly, it stinks.'

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