Friday, 21 January 2011

David Mitchell death stuns nation

Britain is in mourning today following the death of David Mitchell. The star was beloved by many as the fat one out of Peep Show, and that other thing - didn't he advertise iPads? - but recent weight loss, and his insistence on appearing on all TV programmes and sometimes in the paper and on the wireless and occasionally just showing up in city centres and shouting at passers-by, led to accusations of over-exposure and him just not being funny any more.
Last night's 10 O' Clock Live confirmed it, with the former prep school wank sock spluttering his way through a series of horrendous interviews. 
Leading TV reviewer and friend of all beasts AA Gill says Mitchell is not the first star to suffer this way. He said: 'Dara O Briain is still technically funny but just looks sinister these days. And who can honestly say they didn't think Frank Skinner had got the Aids a few years back?' 
Mitchell's agent Robert Meringue led the tributes, saying: 'I'm gutted. He was the Micky Quinn of satire, and now he's gone.'
Comedy partner Robert Webb added: 'I'm devastated. David fell up the stairs last week while carrying a tea tray and I thought for a second "he's back". But last nights show finished him off.'
Micky Quinn was unavailable for comment.

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  1. He was an impostor anyway. He was using my name without permission. There's only one genuine David Mitchell - me.