Monday, 10 January 2011

Jerry Sadowitz, Leicester Square Theatre 7/1/11

So who's from out of town?
And so the maestro returns. This was the start of Jerry Sadwoitz's month(ish) residence at this venue, and the second time I've seen him here.
The first thing I noticed was the number of empty seats as kick-off approached. A good third of the theatre was empty, which is the first time I've seen him not sell out.
Even though it's a new show there are some familiar themes - oh Madeleine McCann! - and the usual mix of extreme isms.
And that's the problem - for all that Sadowitz does it better and has been doing it longer than, say, Frankie Boyle, the fact is this kind of 'he didn't say that, did he?' material is getting regular airings on TV.
Added to that, it's unavoidable that the initial 'shock' of seeing Sadowitz live dips a little with each viewing. And this was my fourth time seeing him.
Sadowitz is a brilliant performer and his material is mainly top stuff, but after a superb opening 30 minutes, he dipped massively, and I was actually a little bored for a bit. Maybe that's the wrong word, but I was definitely frustrated because he did hardly any magic, which is what Sadowitz has over other comics peddling similar, if inferior, stuff.
He's a brilliant magician - absolutely incredible - I've seen him do stuff where it had to be magic because there was no other explanation for it. But that was at the more intimate Soho Theatre.
This venue is a bit big to really get the best from his slight of hand stuff so maybe that's why he's not doing it. The 'what's on' bit in the Sunday Times this week said there would be no magic at this run so maybe he'd put it about that this was the case. But I was massively disappointed and missed his card tick at the end because I went for a wee.
By that time though he'd peaked again (but I couldn't hold on any longer) so perhaps with a few more shows the material will tighten up and maybe he'll dump some of the stuff which seemed a bit weak. In the meantime it's still probably the best show around, but by his own standards, a bit of a let down.

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