Monday, 9 May 2011

Leon Osman and the cry-arsing of an iddy-biddy girl

Looking good Ossie! Feeling good Billy-Ray!

"If Leon Osman was Spanish and a few years younger he'd be worth £30million." So roared a message on an Everton supporters' site this weekend. 
It continued: "Iniesta and Xavi wouldnt be as good or as brave as him in this league." Predictably, this drew hefty criticism from crusty-underpanted correspondents.
It probably is bollocks, although I wonder if the Barcelona pair would be quite so good in another team - Xavi especially who seems to define the is-he-really-that-good type of player. 
But I've been saying for a while now that if Osman played in Spain he'd be a star. He's quite similar to Xavi in terms of size (is Xavi quick?) and touch. Osman rarely miscontrols the ball. His passing is sharp and quick and, more importantly, his team-mates know they can twat it at him and he'll control it. 
The two things that have stopped him from really cracking it in this country, aside from injury, are he's not quite big enough and he's not quite quick enough. Because of this he's seen as a "tidy" player. 
But the last few months has seen Osman, who doesn't score enough, emerge as Everton's key midfielder, popping up in a number of positions. And last Saturday he scored a superb winner as moneybags Manchester City did their usual against Everton, prompting this wonderful response from some snotty little rat.
What I like about this story is the way the author, who goes by the moniker CiTyBlUe, makes some good points but completely buries them in a storm of "it's just not fair mum!" type cry-arsing.
I assume it's a lad writing because only males can sound like little girls when bleating about something so inconsequential, cosmically speaking, as football.
He's right about some Everton supporters' bizarre "love-in" with Manchester United supporters, based presumably on United's success winding Liverpool fans up. Who fucking cares about that? 
And there's something in it when he says Everton are United's feeder club too - there is a certain inevitability about any decent Everton player ending up at Old Trafford now.
But how can anyone take this seriously? "I cannot bare Everton for their pathetic style of heavy handed rough play, it is honestly a wonder how they have not already subjected opponents players into critical injury."
This is a team whose midfield included Osman, Mikel Arteta and Jack "after you" Rodwell. Terrifying.
And who were they up against? Patrick Viera, Yaya Toure, James Milner and that yard dog Nigel De Jong.
I think this comment under the story, by Anonymous, sums it up well: "This is fucking hilarious. Do people like you really exist or are you just one big wind up? I refuse to believe anyone can be this stupid. I mean, how do you even remember to breathe? By the way, 'The Poznan' is massively, massively gay. You fucking windowlicker."
I'd take City's season over ours any day, but that doesn't diminish the laughable dribblings of CiTyBlUe. If he gets that upset by raggedy old Everton how's he going to feel when Stoke City fuck them all over Wembley on Saturday? Because that's what's going to happen, and anyone who's paid even the slightest interest in Manchester City over the last 30 years, deep down, knows it.

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