Monday, 9 January 2012

Letter to Zero Degrees in Blackheath - re pizza droopage

This isn't the pizza in question
I was in your place on Saturday with my girlfriend and we both had pizzas. Mine was the Italian sausage one and hers was parma ham. They were both very tasty but the bases were simply too thin to function. This is, I feel, a fundamental problem with the pizzas. The middle bit - radius of about three inches - was just mush. Any attempt to pick up a full slice was sheer folly as this middle bit just collapsed, dragging the cargo of the whole slice with it. So I had to eat the middle bit with cutlery - my face burned with shame - before eating the outer half slice by hand. 
I mentioned this to a waitress as we were leaving and she said they're supposed to be eaten with a knife and fork. I batted this aside, insisting that pizza should be eaten by hand - at the very least it should be an option.
Thin bases are the only way to go but the problem with the ones we had - and it's happened every time I've been in - is the base is just too thin to pass the fold test. This is where you pick a slice up, fold it in at the edges and the rest of the slice stays erect. There may be a couple of centimetres droopage at the end but that's acceptable.
The pizza was among the tastiest I have ever had but, because of the base, it was rendered merely adequate - a 9/10 effort becomes a 6/10 disappointment.
That said, the pilsner is ace.

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  2. I hate to disagree with you on stuff, as you're usually right or too cantankerous to argue with, at least face to face. So I'll snide this bit on here.

    Thin base is the only kind of base to have. If you can pick a full slice of pizza up by hand, without sag, droop or tip-spillage, then your pizza has failed. What you've got is toast with toppings.

    Pizza should be thin crust. If you're eating on the hop, in the street, like a meff, then fair enough - you need some hold. But if you're not an animal and you're eating indoors then your pizza base should offer little give and should start to dissolve on man-handling.

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