Friday, 4 November 2011

This week's top search terms

Ever wondered how other right-thinking individuals end up on the website that lets men breathe out and scratch the bits that don't scratch themselves?
Here are this week's top search terms which landed, well you get the idea:
happy festivus
night club
chucky 1
gaddafi medals
santiago bernabeu
bernabeu night
big tits ass club dance
ugly kopite


  1. According to my phone Google history, it's...
    time for action
    cornish pirates
    coors light
    wesley snipes
    the bad AIDS
    the harp bradford
    sydney cooke
    the coral
    methane gas side effects
    tony bellew v nathan cleverly
    dancer hit man and her
    onion breath
    top fall songs
    dulux timeless
    pet city leeds

    Does this help?

  2. It's a pet shop but it appears to have been knocked down.