Friday, 4 November 2011

Nick in here, a celebration

Can you guess?
I work with two fellows called Nick. They're both idiots but main Nick has an incredible capacity for blather - one unmatched in any human animal I have encountered.
Steve Martin's rant at the fat fella out of Uncle Buck whose name I forget could have been written for Nick.
Anyway, presenting this week's Nick in here gold (all material is from him, where a conversation ensues it is marked accordingly).

'As soon as you stop looking for something you always find it dont you?'

'If he's having a fag break hell be outside having a fag wont he?' 

In conversation with other Nick: 
Nick: 'I can't believe its November already.' 
Other Nick: 'It is.' 
Nick: 'It's incredible.' 
Other Nick: 'I know.' 

'It's amazing, isn't it?' (This didn't appear to be aimed at anyone or anything)

In conversation with me: 
Nick: 'Bless you.'
Me: 'That was a cough, it doesn't count.'
-An hour later-
Nick: 'Bless you' (barely audible, behind his hand and facing into the corner after I sneezed)
Me: 'What?'

'I wonder how much time I've wasted...' (Tailed off at this point - a cry for help? UNHEEDED)

'I've watched every episode of Smallville.'

'I went twice. But in the end I just put it under the door. Ha ha ha!'

In conversation with other Nick: 
Nick: 'She goes and moves her car every couple of hours.'
Other Nick: 'Who does?'
Nick: 'Sheila.'
Other Nick: 'Why does she do that?'
Nick: 'It's the meters. A few people do it.'
Other Nick: 'Oh, the meters.'
Nick: 'Yes.'

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  1. sterling work this, biff. We all know a Nick, maybe dont notice his overweeniing Nickosity. This gives me hope for a better world. And with your help viewers, a Nickfree world.

    Praise Jesus.