Monday, 18 July 2011

Limehouse Basin to Islington - a trudge

Gas thing
Went for a mooch on Sunday in the pissing rain because that's how I roll. Mrs Biff's insistence that i detach myself from the nerd box was the catalyst, and the promise of pizza for tea, changed at the last minute to curry, sealed the deal.
Got the DLR from sexy Lewisham to Limehouse then walked the path along the Regent's Canal. It's about 4.5 miles to Angel but we bailed at the Rosemary Branch pub because I used to live near there and hadn't been in for a while.
The pub's the same as ever - good selection of beers, normal-ish punters. There was a fella playing the piano, who appreciated Mrs Biff's slight inclination of the head and single clap as he rounded off his set.
Everyone in there seemed to be having some kind of laptop-off with each other, greedily snaffling the free wifi. Best of all though was the lad behind the bar brought out a tray of leftover roasties and Yorkshire puds (they do roast dinners in there, which look ace) and a pan of gravy for dipping. It was manna from meff-food heaven.
As for the walk itself, it's better doing this sort of thing in London than, say, the Lake District because there's none of that awful hello-ing or even worse the half-nod-with-a-smile-rising-to-a-sort-of-peer-out-of-an-imaginary-hole as you pass someone.
You just power on knowing that if anyone so much as looks your way you can lash them in the canal and be done with it. Cyclists especially. Bunch of wankers - slow the fuck down, this isn't Amsterdam. A ring of the bell doesn't make people vanish.
It's quite a nice walk but it got a bit chokka where the Shoreditch festival was on - it looked terrible, incidentally.
Best bit was a barge full of lesbians going up in the lock. I assume they were lesbians as there were three of them all together on one boat. Incredible scenes.

A path for walking on
This is not art
Someone tied a load of meff Tesco bread bags to a rail

Evil Edna


  1. That's some walk. Don't know the pub, but did it the other way a couple of winters ago from Vicky Park, one January day when the whole park was frosted over, and got to The Narrow, Gordon Ramsay's place on the Limehouse Basin lock into the river. Chips never tasted so good. Ramsay still and odious tosspot, however.

    Curiously, the word verification is locksly.

  2. is ramsey's gaff worth the visit? i like chips but i dislike telly chefs and their insane pricing structures

  3. Occasionally do that route on my bike. Ringing the bell aggressively and riding fast of course.

  4. ting your bell twice and be nice, the posters along the route say. i hate using my bell on my bike, i prefer a half-apologising 'excuse me. sorry.' *self loathes*

  5. Compton Valence18 July 2011 at 16:59

    The Narrow worth a sniff. Food feels closer to high dining than pub lunch. No sign of the loathsome Ramsay himself. This bloody thing won't let me comment as myself now. Gah!