Friday, 25 February 2011

The day I made my own hash brown (only one which was massive)

Mere spud and onion
Lets get one thing straight from what the yanks (and British people who talk like yanks) call 'the get-go' - until today I was worthless.
And you know why? Because I never made my own hash browns. Shame. Deep shame.
Well those days are gone! And not only did I make my own hash brown, it was one so big it was an affront to god himself. And here's how I did it.
The recipe's off the BBC site. Only thing I didn't do was wring the water out the spuds in a tea towel because I forgot but it was still ace.
All you do is peel two spuds (the recipe says four but I halved it) and a small onion, grate them into  bowl. Beat an egg into a big bowl, pour the spud and onion into the egg, add a inch of salt and pepper, mix it all up right good like.
Mmm, brown
Then heat some oil in a frying pan, dollop some of the stuff in, flatten it down, cook for about three minutes then flip and cook the same again.
If you're doing a big massive one like mine because you're the sort of bloke who makes women froth with a mere raised eyebrow, put a big plate over the pan before the flip stage, then whip it straight over so the pan's atop the plate.
The mega hash brown will be sat there all golden on top, now slide it back into the pan to brown the bottom for three minutes.
When it's done, put it on the plate and place your other grub items on it because, and this is key, YOUR MEGA HASH BROWN WILL ACT AS THE PLATE. You heard.

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  1. A tip if cooking this for a laydee - call it rosti.