Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tim to go? (Oh I say!)

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As we hurtle through another week of squandered opportunity before the inevitable breaking of our collective spirit over the back of apathy/the Tories/your mum, news drifts in that the moderate Blues are to get shut of Tim Cahill.
A lot of people will be saying how Cahill is one of the few recent players to really 'get' what it is to be an Evertonian, and they may well be right.
But they love him at Millwall too - and it went both ways - remember when he scored against them in the FA Cup?
What I liked about him was the goals he scored, so I've gone off him lately, and the opportunity his being a Blue afforded me for getting in the match for free.
I used his name to get press tickets for Everton matches in some of Europe's most exotic fleshpots: Liege and Fulham spring readily to mind.
They were heady days but, like Cahill's powers, they've faded into the background. He's not been the same player for a couple of years now, despite a mini-resurgence when Nikica Jelavic came in. But then no one could keep up that level of effort and not slow down a touch.
The timing is right if he does leave, but it does feel like the end of an era at Goodison. Cahill represented David Moyes' philosophy more than any other player he's signed. Extremely hard working, a bit of a wanker on the pitch, very effective and versatile.
He's getting out just in time to avoid the inevitable abuse that he'd have got this season too.

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