Thursday, 1 September 2011

Deadline day, as it happened

Wow! Well how was it for you? Another incredible transfer deadline day - or 'season long loan', if you will - is over.
As ever your favourite lifestyle website for top boners was all over the big stories. If you missed any of it, here's what the nation's top Twitter feed revealed yesterday. 
Read from the bottom up to get a sense of the how things unfolded, or from the top to take a trip back in time. 
All spelling and grammar has been left as is to give you a sense of the urgency and drama we professionals are in the middle of on the day when football teams do the same thing they do for many months of the year, only with more shouting. 

LAVA move on hold! delivery of burning torches diverted from goodison to emirates. angry mob mulling options


FLANGER: man eats pig! stock market rallies!


An Evening With Sir Terry Pratchett featuring the same story over and over again. via

biff bifferson

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